The life-changing system that makes breathing easier.


  • Ventilation is variable, with three prescription settings that patients can easily select according to their activity level:


  • Adjustable trigger sensitivity lets patients synchronize breathing based on their comfort
  • Not limiting for active patients during inspiration


  • One-pound detachable ventilator is easy to use and can be secured to a belt or waistband
  • The first modular ventilation system designed for patient mobility
  • Comfortable and discreet nasal pillows interface lets you talk while in use
  • Rechargeable ventilator battery lasts up to four hours of normal use


  • Acclimate in minutes, not weeks
  • May improve COPD symptoms and increase activity
  • Reduce shortness of breath, fatigue, and discomfort
  • Continuous ventilation for around-the-clock use
Covered by Medicare and major insurance plans

Experience greater freedom, inside and outside your home.


Inside the home (With or without O2 concentrator)


Inside the home (Up to 50 ft. of tubing)


Outside the home (02 external pressure source)

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